I wanted to give my bridesmaids a few nice gifts as a thank you for being so supportive throughout the whole wedding planning process.

IMG_7433I went with a railroad cuff from Giles & Brother in antique brass (I have a matching one for myself in rosegold), my favorite flavored caramels from McCrea’s (they’re the best, definitely give them a try!), a henley to wear while getting ready (I had the same one for myself in white) and a beautiful, heavy alpaca camp blanket. My parents have alpacas and I’m definitely an alpaca product loyalist, so a nice alpaca blanket was a no brainer.

IMG_7443I used our custom wedding leather embossing die to make leather labels and sewed them on with my traditional heavy tack stitch to the blankets and henleys, to personalize them and mark the occasion.

IMG_7444I put everything in a nice, natural woven basket that the girls could reuse. I also found some cute heavy tags with “Maid of Honor” and “Bridesmaid” written on them from HomeGoods that I tied to the henleys. I think it gave everything a much more elevated presentation and feel than just putting everything in a gift bag.

IMG_7428I love how everything turned out! It’s not too hard to add a few extra personal touches to your bridesmaid gifts and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.