The company I work for has a “Festive (Ugly) Sweater Contest” at the holiday party every year. Last year I made a Hanukkah themed sweater to wear to the party. This year, I decided to decorate my sweater so that when I put my arms in a circle, it created a wreath! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

img_0220I took a black sweatshirt that I wasn’t using anymore to use as a base. I chose a flexible and not too prickly faux garland to sew onto my sweatshirt. I also liked this one because it was made out of plastic, so I could trim it if it was too long once I had it all stitched to the sweatshirt.

img_0245First, I laid out the garland across the sweatshirt so it went up one sleeve, across the chest and down the other sleeve. I stitched it to the sweatshirt by hand using a loop stitch.

img_0248Then, I laid out a string of LED lights with an attached battery pack and stitched it in between the garland sprigs. The cuffs on my sweatshirt were tight enough that I was able to tuck the battery pack into my sleeve. The fitted cuff helped keep the battery pack in place during the party.

img_0247Doesn’t it look like a wreath when you put the sleeves in a circle??

img_0251I attached a big, bright red bow in the center. The bow came with twist ties to attach, so I was able to twist the bow on in no time.

img_0255Finally, I added some pinecone and berry sprigs. I made sure not to stitch them near my elbows, so when I bent my arms they wouldn’t get in the way.

img_0696The sweater was a hit! I did have a lack of spacial awareness and knocked a wine glass over within minutes of arriving. But other than that, it was fun!


First place!

Happy Holidays!